Life alertWhy You Need a Life Alert in Your Home

Why You Need a Life Alert in Your Home

Most elderly people prefer to stay at their own place instead of moving to a caregiver or a nursing home. It might be somewhat dangerous for the elderly to remain at home on their own, which will deny you peace of mind. Over 30% of people aged above 65 suffer from falls every year, especially when left alone or not supervised. 

Some of them will end up with a serious injury such as subdural hematoma, hip fracture, or brain injury. The good thing is that we now have advanced solutions to such a problem, thanks to technology. Life alert systems have made it easier for the elderly to live in their homes. 

These medical alert devices have a base station and operate based on their distance from that base range. A home life alert system is essential in your home, especially if you have an older person. Here is why you need one. 

They Are Not Just for the Elderly

One essential thing to note is that a life alert system is not just designed for seniors. They are often the common users but not the only people who can benefit from using a life alert system. They can be used by any injured person undergoing recovery at home. Those who have a handicap or an impairment or require supervised attention (e.g., a sick child or disabled person) can also benefit from a home life alert system. 

They Grant You Peace of Mind

Leaving a sick, disabled, or elderly person at home alone and unsupervised usually leaves you in a state of worry. This can result in increased anxiety and stress, which will affect your life negatively. 

Medical alert systems grant you peace of mind because your loved ones can call out for help anytime they want. This can even be done through the press of a button. You don’t have to imagine some horrific scenarios.

They Are Very Affordable

Many people don’t consider life alert systems because they think they are very expensive. This is not the case because many affordable options in the market offer complete protection for your loved one. Also, you don’t have to sign a long-term contract or pay any equipment fees. There is no activation fee needed in most of these systems. 

In the long-term, life alert systems will cost you a pinch of the amount you would have paid for a nursing home.

They Can Provide Great Independence

One of the key benefits of life alert systems is that they allow the elderly to maintain their independence. They can stay at home and move around instead of going to a nursing facility or an elderly home where their independence and certain freedoms are limited. 

As a family member, you will also enjoy your independence because you don’t have to rush home all the time to check up on them or get worried whenever they are out. 

They Are Super Reliable

Life alert systems are very reliable. Human supervision or hiring a caregiver or nurse is less reliable because they need breaks. They can go out, take some time to sleep or rest, leaving your loved one unattended. 

A medical alert system is not a big issue because they work round the clock and are highly reliable. 

You should do your research and invest in a life alert system that meets your specific needs. Don’t go for the cheapest option or one that is highly expensive. Compare different features that make them stand out and make an informed decision on the options and features that meet your specific needs.


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