Health2021 Best Medical Alert System- Guardian Life Saving

2021 Best Medical Alert System- Guardian Life Saving

Medical Alert Systems are life-saving devices that summon help when a button is touched or, in some cases, when a fall is detected. There are numerous medical alert companies, and their equipment quality and services offered might vary considerably.

It’s difficult to know where to begin with almost limitless alternatives. You may relax knowing that you’re in good hands. When testing and reviewing medical alert systems, our team of professionals leaves no stone untouched.

How Can You Choose Best Medical Alert Systems?

We engaged geriatric internal medicine experts, gerontologists, and adult carers to precisely determine the demands of seniors aging at home, as well as the medical alert devices that can address those needs. Guardian Life Saving Senior is one of the best Medical Alert systems.

What thing do you look for in Guardian Life Saving Senior Medical Alert System?

Reliable equipment: Most medical alert equipment promises to be long-lasting, and I made sure to put it through rigorous testing to prove it. Help buttons and base stations should sustain a fall, and the systems as a whole should last for years.

User-Friendliness: Because the goal of a medical alert system is to make life easier for users and caregivers, I sought solutions that expedited the process and assured that users of all abilities could utilize them.

Conscious Customer Service: The personal touch is essential in the caregiving industry. This is why medical alert firms must provide excellent customer service, from their monitoring center agents to their support staff.

Price is Reasonable: Medical alert systems typically cost between $20 and $40 per month, with mobile systems costing slightly more. This range encompasses all of the systems described below.

Flexible Contracts: Regular readers of The Senior List will know that I am adamantly opposed to long-term contracts. Some organizations bind consumers to three-year contracts, which means you’re stuck paying even if your loved one no longer requires it. However, all organizations on this list provide simple cancellation policies and do not require long-term contracts.

Features to Consider

Guardian Life Saving Senior Medical Alert System is intended to make people feel safe while doing the things they enjoy without feeling as though the gadgets are impeding their activities. Prospective consumers should consider their lifestyle, activities, and living situation when determining which elements they require in a medical alert system. Users are concerned with a number of issues, including customization, wearability, customer happiness, and specific features, such as:

  • GPS tracking enables the medical response team to locate users at their exact location, allowing them to receive expert assistance at any time and from any location. For busy customers who want to feel safe outside the home, on-the-go devices like the Active Guardian and Mobile Guardian are ideal.
  • Medication reminders are an added feature of the Freedom 2.0 watch, a wristwatch that assists users in managing their health regularly.
  • Fall detection costs $10 per month for most Medical Guardian devices, but the peace of mind is priceless. When this technology detects a fall, it connects users to an operator. iEmergency personnel will be dispatched to assist if the user verifies they are in distress or becomes unresponsive.
  • Ease of use is not only a question of convenience; it is also a matter of safety. According to customers, medical Guardian devices are easy to set up, test, and utilize in an emergency. This technology is user-friendly and uncomplicated because of its intelligent, simplified design.


  • All-in-one mobile solution.
  • There are landline and cellphone choices.
  • Option for a smartwatch.
  • Precise location tracking.
  • Most systems have fall detection.
  • There are no long-term contracts.
  • Annual subscriptions provide a free month of service.
  • Mobile battery life of up to seven days.


  • With fall detection, there are occasional false alarms.
  • Monitoring of activity is restricted.

Customer Satisfaction and Service

Medical Guardian is continuously scored first or second on more than ten independent customer review websites. It’s not challenging to find sentiments of appreciation as customers recount how their medical alerts saved a loved one — or just helped an independent adult aging at home keep independence.

The Medical Guardian program is built around a 24-hour response center. When a device is triggered, consumers are immediately linked to a well-trained response team comprised of empathetic individuals. Users say that even unintentional triggers result in a friendly chat with call center personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the monthly cost of Medical Guardian?

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly Medical Guardian plans begin at $29.95 per month. The brand’s add-on, customization, and upgrade options are well-known. Users can personalize their medical alert bundle for an extra charge by adding fall detection, multiple sensors, or voice-activated wall mounts. Buyers who purchase an annual membership may be eligible for a free month of service.

  1. Is Medicare going to cover Medical Guardian?

No, Medicare does not consider medical alert systems such as Medical Guardian to be necessities. Hence they must be paid for by customers. Some policies, such as Medicare Part C or a Medicare Advantage plan, pay or reimburse some of the costs, so potential consumers should verify with their providers before purchasing.

  1. How does Medical Guardian function?

Medical Guardian uses a button or sensor in conjunction with a two-way speaker. When the device is activated, the user is connected to the Medical Guardian 24/7 response center, where highly qualified operators determine whether medical assistance is required. The operators can summon emergency services to the user’s exact location by using GPS technology.

Final Thought,

Medical Guardian provides an in-home traditional medical alert system, an in-home cellular option, four mobile devices, including an all-in-one mobile unit, the Active Guardian, and their Freedom Guardian smartwatch, in terms of gadgets. Both of these include GPS technology as well as the possibility of fall detection. Furthermore, their technologies are simple to use and straightforward.


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