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Life Alert Costs

Life alert is a system that can help older people remain independent. With the assistance of this alarm and response system it is possible to reach out to a caregiver exactly when needed to ensure that a person can stay int heir home. Medical alert systems like Life alert are useful to preventing injuries due to falls, medical emergencies and more. The largest benefit to the system is the around the clock access monitoring that can be triggered from an alarm button, phone or from a fall sensor.

Read on to discover more about the benefits of a life alert system and how active monitoring can benefit you and your loved ones.

What is Life alert?

Life alert is an emergency response system that works from a nation wide American company providing emergency contact systems. The life alert system works without a landline and with an electronically monitored button worn around the wrist or around the neck. When a fall happens or a person presses the emergency button, an emergency signal is sent to the monitoring center that can relay the information to family members, medical professionals and more. The Life Alert system will send a message through to the proper authorities and ensure that a person can feel safe and secure in their own home.

Life Alert has checks and balances to prevent false reporting including a followup call after a button is pressed and a 24/7 level of response. As one of the most successful radio monitoring solutions on the market today, the Life Alert system is one of the most sophisticated forms of alarms on the market today.

Life alert has been an industry leader in home alarm systems since the year 1987. During this time they were one of the first companies to offer medical alerts for seniors. Their TV commercials are one of the main forms of distribution and there are sign up forms that can be found at most major retail locations with a pharmacy. The company offers easy solutions for signup over their website and they offer a staff of hundreds to provide round the clock monitoring. Life Alert manages over 2 million calls each year and estimates that they can help save the life of a senior every 11 minutes.

What is a medical alert system?

Medical alarm systems are available from many companies but the presence of a medical alarm is designed to signal a hazard where a person will require assistance. Medical alarms can include a personal emergency response system or medical alert system and the wearable call button on these medical alert systems will provide an instant level of response when a person needs to get to a hospital or access assistance in order to prevent future difficulty.

Medical alert systems can allow people to stay in the homes longer by having someone on hand to call an ambulance or make a call when it is required. With the assistance of a medical alert system, it can be possible for family to feel better and to have the proper monitoring support that is needed to keep a person safe and well during any event.

Medical alert systems have helped people reach help in time when suffering from a heart attack, they have assisted people in the process of recovering from falls and they have worked to prevent various accidents from becoming worse by leaving a person without any type of help. These systems work very well and with easy solutions in place to prevent false reports or failures to report. The signals often work apart from the phone line and with backup power and there are followup calls that will occur as a person is receiving help. All of the fees for most medical alert systems are generally covered under the installation cost as well as the monthly fee to run the system.

Life alert cost:

The cost of the life alert system is around $50 per month to have the system in ongoing monitoring mode. Life alert can come at a discount if you have a landline. There is also a setup fee for life alert at a cost of $96 per installation for the system. This is not only for integrating the system into your home but it is a fee for the cost of the system as well. If you would like extra coverage for life alert should your phone line go down or if you do not have a landline, the monthly fee for life alert goes up to $60 per month.

Life Alert also offers discounts in the form of a one time payment for annual services. For a total cost of $769.89 you can get the annual plan for a month of free service and a cheaper setup fee. Life alert equipment also comes with a free warranty and a price lock guarantee for your monthly fee.

Promotions are regularly run by Life Alert to include a month free or for 3 year contract discounts. Life Alert will regularly offer promotions that can help you to get extra equipment upgrade costs and free improvements. Upgrades for the system can include a waterproof help button that can be taken in the shower as well as spouse and partner monitoring for couples in the same home.

The advantages of the system:

Life Alert is a company that has been billed as the best in the industry. They have some of the best medical alert monitoring history for seniors and an excellent track record in the market. They are regularly improving the quality of their medical alert devices and they offer other forms of monitoring as well including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detection and more.

Life Alert also has one of the largest monitoring centers with some of the most well trained staff in the industry. Their TMA Five Diamond Certified center provides highly trained support from call center professionals that offer quick responses and easy coordination with emergency services in your area.

Benefits of life alert to seniors:

Life alert for seniors comes with a 24-7 access. The largest benefit to this system is that there can always be someone that can be monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Falls can be the leading cause of death and non fatal death injuries to the elderly and with proper monitoring, the severity of these injuries can be mitigated.

Medication assistance:

Life alert can provide timed medication reminders with a scheduled call. Timing medication properly and prompted reminders will ensure that prescription doses are maintained and so many seniors can have the meds they rely on.

Easy operation:

Many life alert monitors come with a one button press alert. These medical systems are simple to operate and require very little training to get seniors to use. The systems are designed for automatic alerts if a senior were to fall down or change their position rapidly and there is a press button option to get quick help if a person thinks they may be having a heart attack or require medical intervention.

No need for land line or wifi:

Seniors that are only using data plans can also access the system. The Life Alert system comes with standalone backups or monitoring support that can occur without a need for a landline or any form of internet connection.


The yearly fees for Life Alert are greatly cheaper than the price of live in care or going to a long term care facility. A senior will be able to stay in their own home and get the same monitoring support that they may require to enjoy safer experiences at home.

Maintaining independence:

One of the greatest values that many seniors share is that they would like to stay in their own home. Medical alert systems for the home can be a great way that a senior citizen can maintain their own personal agency and without concerning their loved ones. It can be expensive to go into long term care or to receive live in care for a senior. With the help of smart home monitoring it can be possible to maintain independence and keep a senior living in their home.

If you are interested in bringing peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones, a medical alert system can be one of the best ways that you can stay in your home and maintain your independence. With the help of the watchful eye of a professional monitoring system, you can have the fast response you need to react in an emergency and get the medical assistance that is required to prevent an accident from worsening.

Whether you have family that may not be able to get to you right away or you are in a position where you are at a greater risk for falls, these systems for seniors can be a crucial way that you will be able to have a constant monitoring support for your loved ones and for your independence.


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